Advertising and Marketing Jobs – Are You Interested in a Job As a Promotional Or Marketing Manager?

Advertising and promotion are an essential part of any sales strategy, and marketing managers are responsible for overseeing the promotional operations of a business. In a smaller business, a chief executive officer may handle all the promotional activities of the firm, kotler and keller marketing management 15th edition while in a larger business there will often be numerous departments will handle promotion and sales for the company.

Advertising managers have the responsibility of overseeing all advertising activities and coordinating such departments which offer radio and television advertising, copyrighting, and creative services.

Marketing management have the responsibility of developing the company’s marketing strategy, and they will often use marking research teams in order to estimate how well a product will sell, or how they can better sell various services that are offered by the firm. They may also develop pricing strategies in order to increase sales, and they will know trends which will help develop popular selling products.

Promotional managers are responsible for coordinating various methods of advertisement whether they be television, radio, magazines, or telemarketing, among other forms.

Public relations managers are responsible for using media publicity in order to gain a positive image or increase sales for a company. They will often coordinate with company management, in order to create the companies image and to figure out the best ways to push a corporation forward.

Sales management is responsible for directing the sales program of a firm, and they will often deals with dealers and distributors, in addition to coordinating their sales staff and maximizing product sales and performance.

The working conditions of promotional workers will usually be over 40 hours a week, and they are often high stress jobs which involve meeting performance deadlines and goals. Marketing jobs require no formal education, and employers have varying standards for their employees.

In 2006, sales and marketing managers held over 550,000 jobs in America, petescycle with sales management making up the lion’s share of the total at over 300,000 employees. Promotions and public relations managers are found in every industry in America, and the job growth for this field will keep pace with the population average over the next 10 years.

In 2007, the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that marketing majors had a starting salary of slightly over $40,000 and advertising majors started out at almost $34,000.


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