Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Whatever your homes exterior is finished with, paint, vinyl, gaming marketing brick, stucco or anything else, chances are that it will need a little lift sometime in it’s life. Short of completely re-doing it, there are a few options for cleaning and brightening up your home’s exterior.

Pressure washing is an option for many homes. As well as your home, it can clean your driveway and walkways as well. However, it does take skill. The high water pressure can make pressure washing equipment hard to handle and also destructive if the handler isn’t careful. Spending too much time in a delicate area can result in erosion or even more serious damage to your home. But take heart, gardenfrontier a bit of research and practice can help you become a skilled pressure washer. On the other hand, for the time it takes to perfect your skill, it might be worth paying a professional to wash your home.

Pressure washing works for almost any finish as long as the surface is not damaged. Chipped paint may flake off and loose bricks may get worse. However, going over your home for a thorough cleaning is a great way to assess any damage that needs repairing. Often, water is enough to clean a home. If you have stubborn areas, most pressure washers come with a detergent attachment. Some people find a need for bleach to clean their home. For a more environmentally sound approach, use vinegar instead of bleach. It doesn’t have the same whitening power, but it does deter mold and algae growth. Chances are you don’t have a real stain that needs bleaching, but some organic growth that just needs to be removed, (for which the pressure washer should suffice) and further growth prevented (that’s where the vinegar’s handy). inrealtor

If you have wood or vinyl panels, be careful when pressure washing not to spray water at an angle that gets moisture under and between your siding. Trapped moisture that doesn’t have an easy way to evaporate can really cause problems inside your walls.

If your home’s paint is fading or peeling, or is a bit cheaper, pressure washing can damage it. In this case, a fresh paint-job just might be a necessity. furzly

Keep in mind some of the other details that make your home look fresh. I already mentioned driveways and walkways, but don’t forget washing the windows. Also, keep gutters clean, as leaking gutters can contribute to stained exteriors. Landscaping is the final frontier of your home’s exterior. Planting some bulbs and doing pruning will assure your home is bright and beautiful come spring-time. bitpapa


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