16 Article Writing Tips That Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Website Or Blog

Basic Article Writing 101 –

If you ever suffer from writer’s block when you are writing articles to increase targeted traffic to your website or blog, then this is the article you need. Keep in mind that it is easy to forget some of the basics of article writing when you are writing a lot of different articles. By reading this article you will be reminded of the proper way to write an article and it will not only increase the targeted traffic to your website or blog, but you will also be creating a more comfortable article to read. twitch viewer bot

The Title –

When writing the title for your article, remember that article titles need to “stand out” above the rest of the article titles listed in the directory and at the same time they also need to be very relevant of the article body.

Having a catchy title that is a “list type” of title such as “3 Tips To Increase Targeted Traffic” is a great way to increase the amount of article views that you will get, but this also needs to be relevant to the copy in the body of your article or else the click through ratio of your resource box will suffer greatly.

If your title is listing “3 Tips To Increase Targeted Traffic”, then the body of your article should deliver 3 tips that will increase the readers targeted traffic.

In addition, titles that contain odd numbers get more views than titles with even numbers, gscpowershop so a “list type” title with an odd number is a good way to increase your article views, and in turn, increase targeted traffic to your website or blog, provided it is relevant to the body of your article and you have included an effective resource box (keep reading to find out how to create an effective resource box).

Writing Tips About The Title


  • Make your title stand out, as it may be listed next to many other similar titles.
  • Using odd numbers in the article title can increase article views.
  • Write a title that you can deliver in the body of your article, if the title includes 3 Tips, then the body should include the 3 Tips listed in the title.


The Summary –

The summary of your article is a condensed version of your article and is considered a “sneak peek” of what the article is about. When creating a summary for your article, glamcosmos remember to list the key benefits of your article to the reader and if possible adding a curiosity grabber at the same time.

The summary should only be a couple of sentences long, but it is also a great opportunity to convince the viewer of why they “need” to read your article. If you have a viewer that is undecided by your article title, a good summary may be what makes the difference and convinces them to read it.

Writing Tips About The Summary


  • List the key benefits the article contains.
  • Try adding a curiosity grabber that will entice them to read it.
  • Cease the opportunity to convince them as to why they “need” to read the article.


The Body –

One of the most important things about the article body twitch viewer bot (and one of the easiest to forget) is that the article body is the place where you help your reader and not where you try and sell to them. Pitching or trying to sell in the body of your article, is not only against many article directories editorial guidelines, but can also be extremely annoying to the reader.

The readers of your article are trying to find useful information that will benefit them, and trying to sell to them in the body of your article is not a good way to promote your product or service.

By providing the reader useful information in the body of your article and using your resource box effectively (more on effective resource boxes in a minute – keep reading), you will be able to increase targeted traffic that visits your website or blog, and at the same time, you will find that the rewards for a great article can be plenty.

The body of your article should also be easy to read, using proper grammar and paragraph structure so that your article flows freely and is easy to follow. Making short paragraphs that are only a 3 to 4 sentences long will make reading your article easier and also increase the chance of someone reading it completely.

Another thing to remember is to write articles for people not search engine bots, think about this, if you create a great article for the search engine bots and it gets a page 1, #1 position ranking, then this can create a lot of visitors to your article, but if the article is well written for the search engine bots and not for people, then most people will not enjoy reading it (or may not be able to read it) because it was written for SEO and not people.

If your article title, article summary and the body of your articles are written utilizing all of the above tips, almost all of the traffic sent to your website or blog from your resource box(keep reading to learn more about the resource box) will be “targeted traffic”.

Targeted traffic means they are visiting your website or blog from the article because they are interested in the product or service that your article was written about, เล่นสล็อตบนมือถือ thus creating a greater chance of purchasing your product or service from your website or blog.

Writing Tips About The Body


  • Give the reader useful information that they can benefit from.
  • Do not sell in the body, save it for the resource box.
  • Write your article in short paragraphs, 3 or 4 sentences each.
  • Write your article for people not search engine bots.
  • Write it so it is easy to read, check spelling and paragraph structure.
  • Make sure your article is relevant to where your resource box is sending them, website or blog.


The Resource Box –

The resource box, if constructed effectively, can increase your targeted traffic tremendously, but a poorly written resource box has the opposite effect and may never yield a single visitor.

When writing your resource box, here are few tips that can help increase your click through ratio and at the same time increase targeted traffic to your website or blog.

Your resource box is the place to try and sell the customer on your product or service, it is the only place in your article that many article directories will allow you to include links and they will usually allow only 2 links or less.

Even though your resource box is the place to pitch your product or service, don’t be too pushy on your sales pitch as this can be very annoying to your readers.

Being polite in your resource box and including your name makes your reader more comfortable and creates a more personal request that you are asking them to click your link. Let the reader know that by clicking the link they will have access to more information or access to the product or service that is related to the article that they have just read.

When creating links in your resource box (you are usually allowed 2), make sure that one is a written out URL link and the other one is a hyperlink with the keywords you are targeting, because if a publisher decides to publish your article on their website or ezine and does not activate your keyword link (even though they should), then you will still have a written out link back to your website or blog.

Also by using your keyword hyper link, you will be gaining a little SEO while still creating an article that is written for people and not SEO.

One example of a well written resource box is listed below in the resource box:

In the example below notice that:


  1. It is very politely requesting a click on one of the links and at the same time grabbing curiosity with the bolded words but, more tips and greatly.
  2. It has my name included as the author which gives it a more personal touch.
  3. It has both types of links, which if copied and pasted, will still have a active written out URL link.


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