Blenders – Versatile and Powerful Kitchen Tool

A blender or also called liquidiser in British English is a kitchen appliance used to mix ingredients or puree food. It is an electrical appliance with a swirling blade for chopping, mixing, or liquefying foods. Most blender containers are tall and narrow so air is not incorporated into the food so this appliance will not “whip” foods such as egg whites and cream. They are ideally used for making soups, purees, sauces, milkshakes and other drinks, as well as for chopping small amounts of foods such as breadcrumbs, cheeses, nuts and herbs. eliquidsoutlet

It was Dr. Oliver Johnson Schofield, an English engineer and entrepreneur, who invented the first blender. However, it was Stephen Poplawski, owner of the Stevens Electric Company, was first to patent the blender in 1922. He started to design drink mixers and patented it which has been designed to make Horlicks malted milk shakes at soda fountains. In 1946, Oster manufacturing, a manufacturer of barber equipment, bought out Stevens Electric and commercialized the blender under the name Osterizer. singsanam

Blenders are used both in home and commercial kitchens for different purposes. It can be used to crush ice and other ingredients like non-alcoholic drinks such as Frappucinos, blended ice coffee and fruit smoothies. It mix and crush ice in cocktails such as the Zombie, vigorousism Pina Colada and frozen margaritas. It also makes smooth purees of semi-solid ingredients, such as cooked vegetables and meat and even baby food. It cut down small solids such as spices and seeds to powder. It can even blend mixtures of powders, granules, and/or liquids thoroughly and smoothly. And it helps dissolve solids into liquids. It also chops nuts easily. In a matter of seconds, you will have fine crushed nuts. kratom tablets

Blenders are made of glass, plastic, stainless steel, or porcelain. At the top of the container there is a movable cover to prevent ingredients from leaking during the process. At the bottom center is the metal blade that chops, grinds or blends food items together. The container itself rests on top of a base which when plugged into an electrical outlet, it activates the metal blades. The base has different settings which control the blades such as chop, blend, grind, pulse and liquefy. allblogsidea

There are a lot of blenders in the market nowadays. Some could be cheaper but there are also those that are a bit expensive. Plastic containers are less expensive and they do not break easily however if you wash plastic containers in the dishwasher, Tourism Africa it could scratch the machine. Now if you choose a glass container, they are more expensive and may break easily but they are much less likely to scratch in the dishwasher. It is up to you on which type of blender you should get. Simply choose the perfect blender that best suits all your blending needs. For more info please visit these sites:-


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