Planet Saving Best Sellers From Bosch

Bosch is a very well known household name and they have been manufacturing washing machines and other kitchen appliances for years. One planet saving washing machine that is currently satisfied-being a Bosch best seller is the Logixx WAS32466GB model. This particular washing machine has energy and environment saving benefits such as an energy efficiency rating of A, an Express Wash washing programme that reduces the wash time by around 40%, which saves energy as well as time. Like many of Bosch’s washing machines, this particular model has a large capacity drum of 8kg, which means that you can get all your washing done in fewer washes. Fewer washes means less energy used and more time saved. And although his product is rated A for energy efficiency, that is the maximum rating available and this particular model is actually 10% more efficient than most A rated appliances. copart

If you are sorted for washers, but would like a best selling appliance for an energy efficient dryer, the Exxcel WTE84307GB is a pretty good option if it is particularly a Bosch appliance that you are after. Like the washing machine that I have already mentioned, this Bosch best seller has a large capacity drum of 8kg. Surprisingly though, this appliance only has an energy efficiency rating of B. I say “surprisingly,” but it is actually not that uncommon for dryers to be less energy efficient than washers. One of the energy saving features that this dryer does have is the Sensor Drying programme. This means that no energy is allowed to be wasted on clothes that are already dry. woles4d

In terms of cooling, the Jubilee KGH36S20GB is a Bosch best seller because of how efficiently it runs and how much energy it saves. This fridge freezer is rated A+ for energy efficiency. That means that it runs 25% more efficiently than an A rated appliance, which is extremely good to know in light or Dog training rising energy bills and the uncertainty we face in terms of credit and finances in the future. One of the main energy saving features with this fridge freezer is the Frost Free feature. This means that the freezer compartment does not build up with ice, which in turn means that the freezer does not need to be defrosted as regularly and runs smoothly and energy efficiently throughout the year. But as well as saving money, this is also a planet saving appliance and produces no harmful CFC and HFCs. Aluminium schuifpui

The final Bosch that I am going to tell you about is the Logixx SMS69L02GB dishwasher. Like all of the other appliances that I have written about in this article, this particular model is Energy Saving Recommended by Bosch and is rated A for energy efficiency. This dishwasher uses just ten litres of water on some of its programmes and the ActiveWater technology makes this Bosch best seller one of the most economical dishwashers currently on the market. This particular model also has fourteen place settings on the interior of the dishwasher rather than the standard twelve that comes with most of Bosch’s other dishwashers, so you can get more out of one wash cycle. sellersplanet


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