Modern Warfare 2 – Sensitivity Tips

In the world of PC gaming, the sensitivity of the mouse is what dictates a veteran player on how they can easily target enemies. The mouse look in the game can be tweaked to your liking albeit there are some differences from the past series on how to toggle them. newsev

Sensitivity in Modern Warfare 2 is only seen with a slider. This can be a tricky way to really gauge the mouse look. The highest slider seems to be a joke and you should never have higher sensitivity unless you have a different type of pointing devices.

The lowest setting will get you (1) sensitivity. This can be low for first time people that want to tweak their mouse movements. An 800 dpi mouse can be great at (3) sensitivity for rushing. Sniping can be maximized for choosing 2 or lower.

My personal setting is (.8) sensitivity but this is a problem with the game. The only way you can set this is by using cracked MP files and have a developer console to tweak your mouse settings accurately. Although (1) sensitivity is great, dpimouse it’s better if you can still lower it to your tastes.

Starters can get to (3) sensitivity if they prefer a better or a more precise aim. But when playing for a long time, the hands actually get jerky; you can then adjust it to a lower one for making precise aim. By default, the slider is on the (5) setting, the lowest is (3), so just gauge the bar and set it to your preference. ozlaptopreviews

Some hardcore players use up to (.4) sensitivity. Others get to (10) which I really don’t know why. Just be sure to get your right mix after a few matches to get ahead of ADS or aiming down the sight.

The only way to get to tweak these settings with a numerical value is to get a modified MP executable and has a developer console to get to lower settings. At this moment of writing, the Parovoz version is the best and close to having a better control over your Modern Warfare 2 gaming spree. nachrichtenmorgen

So there you have it. Just be sure to keep an eye for what weapon you use. Rushers need higher settings while snipers can get better kills with lower sensitivity; adjusting it for the right purpose can be deadly.


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