Fingerprint Gun Safe

A fingerprint gun safe is vitally important in today’s unsafe world. They are useful for people possessing licensed guns who are always looking for such gun safes with fingerprint identity techniques so that their ammunition and guns can be stored safely.

The BARSKA Biometric Safe is one such fingerprint gun safe that weights 31 pounds and can store upto 30 fingerprints. If one surfs the net for good deals, a discount up to 50% can be found many a times. According to most of its users, mostori it is an extremely well built fingerprint gun safe having a spacious interior with ample place to store your guns and ammo, and is very simple and easy to operate for the owner who knows how to open the lock.

The Electronic Digital Fingerprint Gun Safe on the other hand is a traditional box like fingerprint gun safe having hinged doors that are tamper proof and multi-bar secured. Measuring 14.75″ by 11.75″ with a height of 12″, it sports an electronic fingerprint identity technique. Some advantages that the customers are happy with are that this model has an external battery back up facility which can be plugged externally in case the battery charge goes down. Moreover, this model also comes with an internal key.

Thirdly, the Gunvault GV1000C-DLX Mini Vault Deluxe Safe is a 9 pound and 8.1″ x 4.9″ x 12″ measuring fingerprint gun safe that has scored points on its reliability. Customers feel it protects their guns and other valuables with the16 gauge steel exterior and the soft foam interior.

Some of the features which communicate increased reliability are the calculated algorithms for high performance locks, auto access lock feature in case of incorrect accessing, audio signals in response to touch keypad entries, precise fittings, etc all of which makes this fingerprint gun safe impossible to tamper with.

In case you need a small, light and sleek fingerprint safe to keep your handguns in while traveling, the BIO Biometric Fingerprint safe box is your product. Coming in a sleek and convenient 10.75″ x 7.25″ x 1.93″ storage space, this 3 pound fingerprint gun safe is ideal for carrying around in a car with your guns, jewellery, PDAs or cash.

Its convenience lies in its structure and ease of operation with its one touch biometric fingerprint identity system. Moreover, up to six fingerprints can be stored in its memory without using the batteries and this model comes with battery back up compartment as well as backup keys for situations where the battery runs out. For more info please visit these sites:-

Lastly, if you have more than one gun or would like to store many valuables and hence require extra storage space, you might try out the Gunvault GVB2000 Multi Vault Biometric Safe which comes in with built in racks in its 10.1 x 7.9 x 14-inch and 14pounds weighing structure

Thus, whichever fingerprint safe you have you eyes on, be sure to visit some of the online deal sites to get that exact safe to diminish all your worries without pinching the pocket too much.


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