For Home Remodeling Projects, Always Think In Terms Of Resale

Whether of not you plan to sell your house in the near term, resale value should always be a consideration whenever you are planning out a home remodeling project. In fact, you should be thinking ahead to resale before you even buy a house, animeloved because you never know when circumstances will change.

Now, having said that, my opinion on the subject of resale is this. You can either make your house generic to appeal to the masses, or you can make it special so as to appeal to the niche buyer.

If your house is pretty much generic, bterapiaberles such as part of a development of similar homes (e.g., tract, PUD, etc.), the sale is mostly driven by price, which is a dicey proposition in a weak housing market. But if your house is unique or special in some way so as to fit the particular preferences of only a handful of niche buyers, they will pay more for it … although it might take longer to sell if no such targeted buyer happens to be prowling your market at the moment.

A major consideration for you in the project planning stage — or even before you purchase a home for enhancement and resale in the first place — is to decide what market you envision for the finished product.

In my experiences performing dozens of remodeling projects on several homes over the past 16 years, some of the houses could be described as your basic California single-story ranch-style home on a flat lot, which in general has pretty broad appeal. However, one house with its reclusive hillside setting and acres of avocado orchards, and another with its two-story farmhouse design and horse facility, each appealed to a much narrower spectrum of buyers.

But contrary to what you might have heard, uniqueness is not necessarily a bad thing. Although it might take longer to sell a home with unique features — and many prospective buyers indeed will not be willing to pay extra for them (and might not want the house at all because of them) — that smaller group of targeted buyers who are seeking special amenities (such as a horse barn, tennis court, guest house, or swimming pool) generally will be willing to pay up for them. All things considered, I prefer to make a house somewhat unique and special … but that doesn’t mean crazy, artsy, or eclectic! For more info please visit these sites:-

Focus on high-value projects

It is important for you to focus on high-value-added projects that are appropriate to your market and neighborhood. Of course, many home upgrades will not return the value invested through enhanced sales price — although they might be appropriate anyway if you are doing it for your personal enjoyment. Just know in advance why you are doing the project, and don’t naively assume that any project you do will give you a dollar-for-dollar increase in home value.

A swimming pool might fit into this category. Many homebuyers have no interest in dealing with a pool. However, if you really want one for your own enjoyment, you still should think ahead toward eventual resale and try to optimize its impact on home value. For example, think about placing and designing the pool in harmony with (and perhaps as a focal point of) your landscaping, i.e., think of it as a clean, soothing, and decorative waterscape, and make it as appealing as possible. The overall feel and marketability of your property will be greatly enhanced versus simply plunking a basic concrete & plaster pool and cool deck in the middle of your yard with a toddler fence around it.


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