Eliminating Man-Boobs – Pros and Cons to the Most Popular Solutions

Man-boobs cause a lot of emotional and psychological problems to most men afflicted with this condition. Humiliation, bunnydirectories feelings of disgust and low self-esteem affect these men one way or another. Eliminating man-boobs becomes a priority in order to live a life free of fear and embarrassment.

A lot of advice floats around the internet but basically there are 3 popular ways to reducing or eliminating man-boobs and another less known option that offers temporary solution. These solutions have their own pros and cons attached to them.

Male Bra (also known as Gynecomastia Vest or Compression Bra)

Pros: Just put it on and you don’t have to wear layers and layers of clothing to hide your problem. If you have not yet decided on a course of action and want relief from being self-conscious, then male bra might be able to help you.

Cons: This is not a sure-fire solution to eliminating man-boobs as it only acts as camouflage to a protruding chest. The vest works by compression to flatten the chest’s appearance, thus it might also be uncomfortable to wear for some men.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Pros: Result is almost immediate.

Cons: Eliminating man-boobs through surgery comes with a hefty price. It might cost you upwards of $3000 plus time taken off work or school. Like any other surgeries, it has risks attached to it. After surgery, you also have to contend with pain during recovery and scarring when the incision heals.

Breast Reduction Pills

Pros: Eliminating man-boobs has never been easier – just pop in 2 or 3 (or whatever the recommended dosage is) and let it target the fats in your chest. Results will vary but some men see results in a matter of days.

Cons: Though it burns fat, it won’t make you healthy. The pills won’t build tissue which might cause your chest to sag. You might also need to take these pills indefinitely to maintain the flat chest and that translates to more costs for you overtime. For more info please visit these sites:- https://iemlabs.com/

Diet and Exercise

Pros: You lose the fat on your chest by targeted physical activities and proper nutrition. Eliminating man-boobs effectively might also involve knowing how your body works (hormones and sleep patterns may help you lose your chest fat) and what conditions trigger you to develop man-boobs (e.g. some medications and drugs are known to cause man-boobs). Reducing or eliminating man-boobs by using this combination is the healthiest option as it not only affects your man-boobs but your whole body as well. Results typically can be seen in a matter of weeks.

Cons: You will have to do the bulk of the activities yourself but with the right guide you will lose your chest fat in the easiest and shortest time possible.

Eliminating man-boobs brings a promise of a better life that men will do anything to get rid of it. Choosing the right option will not only get you the results you want, but in the long term will bring you a happier, longer, healthier life.


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