Worlds Leading Social Bookmarking Service is Yours With Delicious Clone

We are all aware of And some of us are so impressed that we search for delicious clone script. Today it is possible to get script of delicious to fulfill our desire of having own social bookmarking website. But to get a genuine clone you have to take little care and find a web development company that has included all important features in the delicious clone script and something new and unique.

Now let us have a look how a delicious clone script should be developed to surpass the leading and famous bookmarking website Delicious. It is very important that you buy the clone script from a capable and experienced web development company. In other words the website development company you are selecting for having your own Delicious has to infuse the features I have noted below. For more details please visit these sites:-


  • The bookmark viewing facility on home page has to be better designed than the delicious itself. And profile page must have facility to add own templates.
  • There has to be the option to group bookmarks in clone sites. The clone should have facility of customizing bookmarks as several groups, for example, bookmark of friends, personal bookmark, favorite bookmark etc.
  • There should be delicious toolbar which is supported by all the major browsers. Otherwise importing bookmarks gets limited.
  • Make sure the clone you are going to buy has great tag management facility. Unlike Delicious it should include keyword phrases not singular keyword.

  • The delicious clone script should have bookmark sharing option to all other major social networking sites, not just with Twitter.
  • A web development company has to provide login facility in the clones from all mail accounts. It must not limit the login to few chosen mail accounts just as delicious does with yahoo only.
  • A web development company has to provide option to create detailed public profile page in the clone script. It will help the users to create better presentation of the self. Not only site address and email address, people will know more about any user.


Above are the most popular and worthy features that have to be present in a delicious clone script. There are other features that can make clone much better than Delicious. Select a web development company carefully to get a perfect clone. You may easily find few web development company offering clones at low cost or free. But before going to those companies find out their reputation and experience in developing clones.


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