Internet Marketing for Restaurants – The Sweet Taste of Success

What exactly does Internet marketing mean and how does it apply to Restaurants?
As It applies to restaurants, Internet marketing involves public relations, reservations and sales. Restaurants can use the Internet similar to a ad in a newspaper. A more aggressive use of the Internet by a restaurant might include automated reservations and sales of products associated with your restaurant.  restaurantguru

Public relations

Ultimately, when it comes to restaurants, the location, food and ambiance that you provide will be the largest factor in your success. The Internet can used as a vehicle to enhance your success. Specifically, public relations might include provide a section of your website dedicated to pointing out the attractions in your area and nearby hotels. It is important to get your name out there by providing as many links to other sites as possible and having them link to your site, so users will be both driven to your site and may use your site as a reference when planning a trip or outing to your area. smokingcannabis

With links you might want to think about who your visitor might be and what kinds of things they might be looking for industry associations, and industry specific search engines and directories. For example, a restaurant might link the local chambers of commerce, tourism bureaus, museums, galleries, local attractions, hotels, motels and inns. restaurantportals

Notify the businesses and attractions about your link to them and ask them if they would mind providing a reciprocal link on their website. This on line community involvement can be extremely beneficial to all businesses in your area. Even restaurants that offer different types of foods are candidates because locals and tourists cannot eat at the same location every night.

Any restaurant website should have attractive pictures of the interior showing off the most positive features of your ambiance. It should also include a copy of your menu. This can be updated to include weekly and daily specials. It is important to note that a professional appearance on the internet can sell a client on your restaurant. An amateurish or badly done website can have the same effect. In other words, consider hiring professionals to take the pictures and create your website. Don’t rely on the assistant cook who took an HTML class back in 1999. dispensarieslists

Sales to individuals

If your restaurant is lucky enough to have built up a brand, you can offer site visitors the opportunity to purchase tee-shirts, glasses, and other items associated with you business in an on-line store. This is especially popular if your restaurant includes a bar that people frequent. This type of online sales can bolster any gift shop sales. The traveler who forgot to buy memorabilia when he visited can reach back through your on line store. restoguides

‘Organic’ Search Engine Optimization

This method is attempting to drive traffic to your website by being a highly ranked result for a given keyword. In the crowded world of restaurants, this can be very difficult to obtain without paying (see below:  Pay per Click Advertising). Generally, the methods used to improve a sites ranking among the search results include: Keywords in the title tag, keywords in links pointing to the page, keywords appearing in visible text, and link popularity.

Restaurant Area Guides

The Internet is littered with travel guides and information about most areas. Find the most popular portals in your area and get your restaurants name in that guide. This is similar to the restaurant guide that appears in many newspapers and allows potential customers who use the Internet a chance to view your menu and website prior to their visit.

Pay per Click Advertising

This business model involves paying a search engine or website a certain amount of money each time a user of their site clicks on your ad. The restaurants that pay the largest per click price for certain keywords will be featured in a search engine’s search result. These are the ads you see in blue on the right side of the page when doing a Google search. https://se

Newsletters and Press Releases

Newsletters and press releases can often be used to create interest or a buzz around your restaurants. Content that features new additions to your menu or improvement to your facility may create a buzz that will drive patrons to your establishment.


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