All “FTP Hosting” Services Are Not Created Equally!

Selection of right FTP hosting

Looking for a secure and efficient procedure to exchange information over the Internet? FTP hosting service comes will all the features, which allow you to share information in the form of large digital files. It is the selection of a right FTP hosting that matters and fulfill your business objectives. createssh

Be it a small home business or an MNC, people are taking the advantage of FTP hosting service. There is nothing better than FTP hosting service for a business process that requires frequent communication in the form of sending digital files to clients and customers. supermoz

It is recommended to do thorough research on FTP hosting service providers. You will find several FTP hosting service providers offering more or less same facilities to their clients. You have to select an FTP service based on following features: directory24x7

  • Price
  • Bandwidth
  • Number of User Accounts
  • Quality of the Service with FTP Software support
  • Technical Support

Select FTP service based on Price


Each FTP hosting service provider offers several FTP service plans available at different monthly or yearly packages.

For example, consider ‘’ that provides wide array of FTP services ranging from $12.50/month to $3000.00/month. Prices are determined based on the features, which are available in a FTP hosting plan., on the other hand, determines the price based on the number of users. The price per user is inversely related with the number of users. For the Basic FTP hosting package cost is $40.00 per month. This package includes 40 user accounts and 2GB of storage space. buddylinks

Select FTP service based on Storage Size

In general, it can be said that the price of FTP hosting service depends on the size of allocated space and the number of private FTP accounts. The objective should be to register for FTP hosting service by optimizing the space and the number of private FTP accounts to access the allocated space in the server. The market of FTP hosting service has become competitive. FTP service providers are offering trial period or money back guarantee, to attract more customers. seoboost

Select FTP service based on Bandwidth

FTP Client is another component of FTP hosting service that supports communication between a remote computer and FTP server. You have to select FTP hosting service based on the bandwidth offered by the service provider. ‘Bandwidth’ matters when it is a question of transferring large files over the Internet. You have to ensure high bandwidth FTP access for fast communication.

Select FTP service based on Speed

Apart from price and bandwidth selection of FTP service largely depends upon the features of FTP Client. Some remarkable FTP Clients are – WS FTP, FTP Voyager, Cute FTP and 3D-FTP. Here the term ‘speed’ refers to ‘Kilobyte Per Second’ or ‘Kbps’ for uploading or downloading files from the server. Among the given four FTP Client, it is observed that the speed of 3D-FTP 6.0 is six times faster than Cute FTP 5.0XP. Compared to Cute FTP 5.0XP, speeds of uploading and downloading files are quite faster for FTP Voyager 9.1, WS FTP Pro 7.5 and 3D-FTP 6.0. Further the speed of 3D-FTP 6.0 is three times faster than WS FTP Pro 7.5. However, the above comparison has done based on the speed of downloading file from the FTP server.

Select FTP service based on Private FTP Accounts

FTP hosting service allows you to transfer files between two computers located at remote area. You can create multiple private FTP accounts with user name and password. User who has FTP account can only access the server and perform necessary tasks like – uploading and/or downloading files, storing files in the server, removing files from the server etc. Therefore you have to select the number of FTP user accounts based on the requirement of your business process. The price of FTP hosting service depends upon the number of private FTP accounts.

The number of private FTP accounts is specified by FTP service providers. Since FTP service providers offers several hosting plans therefore you have to select a plan based on your required number of private FTP accounts.

Apart from all these features (storage space, bandwidth, speed, number of FTP account), the cost of FTP hosting service depends upon several other features like Dynamic DNS Integration, SSL or TLS secured FTP service, File Control, Access Control and online technical support. Finally, it can be said that make a thorough comparison between available FTP hosting service plans and select a service for your business process that supports quick delivery of files over the Internet. For more info please visit these sites:-


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